Monster Portfolio Recommendation
Monster Energy
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
The Challenge
The Approach
The Impact

We established evidence-based principles for optimising assortment planning using minimum ranges and priority add-ons.

  • To develop a set of evidence-based principles for Monster Energy assortment planning
  • To bring the principles to life through environment-specific ‘minimum ranges’ & ‘priority add-ons’

The creation of environment-specific portfolio recommendations leveraging Interrodata partner software. Putting the right products in the right places to meet shopper - and eventually, consumer - needs, fulfil channel/retailer (financial) objectives and CCEP strategic goals to create mutual value ultimately. Within this:

  • Pareto-analysis based on value sales per SKU and/or shelf efficiency to reflect retailer perspective
  • Supplier-specific SKU prioritisation analysis based on a set of internally aligned strategic criteria like value sales, growth, profitability, brand priority, etc.
  • Incrementality analysis looking at how shoppers respond to different ranges including considerations of substitutability (e.g. switching behaviour)
  • Clear recommendations of the optimal portfolio by environment and customer and clear visibility on revenue and profit impact behind potential rationalisations
  • Evidence-based principles and confidence to rationalise portfolio in given environments, with 65% of the portfolio still delivering 96% of sales 
  • Ambition to leverage Interrodata as the sole platform for automated, real-time portfolio optimisation by environment